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Savvy Bites specializes in a selection of over 50 different flavor infused gourmet balsamic vinegars and olive oils, made to enhance the flavor of your dishes in a way that has to be tasted to be believed. 

You will love our naturally flavored gourmet balsamic vinegars.   They are delicious as a balsamic reduction on a variety of dishes!   

Our flavor infused olive oils are naturally heart healthy and a delicious addition to your cooking.

Below are the oils and vinegars that we have in stock and available for tasting every day! Come by for a tasting! 

We will ship vinegars or oils at your request!  Just call or or email us!

Infused Olive Oils ~The base of these are an Extra Virgin first pressed Olive oil, wonderful for breads and salads and delicious for adding layers of flavor to your dishes, with little effort! So good and so good for you! Naturally heart healthy!

Basil Olive Oil 
- toss with pasta, over fresh tomatoes, steamed veggies, Fall soups & soft cheeses 
Blood Orange Olive Oil - use in brownies, muffins, quick breads, saute scallops, salad dressings
Butter Olive Oil - anywhere you would use butter, only healthier -- spray on popcorn, veggies
Chipotle Olive Oil - great flavor, then heat kicks in--pair with any balsamic dressing--over chicken, fish, rice
CA Arbequina Olive Oil - mild green start with a peppery finish!
Citrus Habanero Olive Oil - bring on the heat with a citrus twist!
Garlic Cilantro Olive Oil - savory & aromatic with a subtle garlic kick!
Tuscan Italian Herb Olive Oil - vibrant herbal goodness--great for dipping, sauteing or as a finishing oil
Jalapeno Olive Oil - bring on the southwest flavor to your chicken, turkey or beef!
Meyers Lemon Olive Oil - Lemon chicken will never be the same and hello to fish of any kind!
Mushroom Sage Olive Oil - Fall and Thanksgiving in a bottle, elevates your everyday roast chicken
Persian Lime Olive Oil - the fresh zest of a lime with the richness of fruity olive oil for shrimp or lime sorbet
Portobello Garlic Olive Oil - mushroom lovers, you will love this on pasta, eggs or meats
Roasted Garlic Olive Oil - an all-time favorite!  Great on pizza or mashed potatoes
Rosemary Olive Oil - wonderful on salads, steamed veggies, lamb or over soft cheeses 
Shallot Garlic Olive Oil - delicate sweet onion flavor with a hint of garlic, perfect for pasta!
Sun Dried Tomato Parmesan Olive Oil - an aromatic treat-wonderful as a dipping oil, for pasta, rice, or salad
Smoked Olive Oil - delicate smokiness for any dish as simple as a drizzle of delicious olive oil!
White Truffle Olive Oil - exotic and luscious on roasted poultry - enhances any mushroom dish
Zesty Onion Olive Oil - adds just the right amount of heat & onion for casseroles and soups
Gourmet Balsamic Vinegars -- Delicious for drizzling over almost everything! Or try adding a splash to sparkling water for a refreshing drink.  Big flavor with no added sugar, sodium or fat! Our Balsamic vinegar is a natural product imported from Modena, Italy, and flavored here in the US.  It is full of flavor, great used where recipes call for a balsamic reduction.

Carmel Balsamic Vinegar - drizzle over angel food cake or top off an ice cream sundae
Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar - over fresh berries or chocolate cake
Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar - Ice cream, berries or pancakes
Cranberry Balsamic Vinegar - wonderful with turkey or chicken, over ice cream or in soda water
Cucumber Melon Balsamic Vinegar - the taste of summer with pizazz--terrific on a crisp salad
Espresso Balsamic Vinegar - excellent as a beef or pork marinade or as a base for a barbeque sauce
Fig Balsamic Vinegar - goes sweet or savory, over goat cheese & crisped prosciutto, yummy, a favorite!
Garlic Cilantro Balsamic Vinegar - drizzle on soups, chili or tomato, onion & peppers for a quick salsa
Grapefruit Balsamic Vinegar - brighten a fish or chicken dish, a fabulous finish over grilled salmon
Mandarin Orange Balsamic Vinegar - perfect for asian flavored sauces or on pork
Mango Balsamic Vinegar - great drizzled over fruit or salads, brush on fresh fruit and grill
Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar - tart and sweet to enjoy on desserts, salmon, or as a marinade for poultry
Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar - awesome on ice cream or chocolate cake
Spicy Chili Balsamic - gives a little kick of heat with sweet, always a winning combo
Tangerine Fig - the perfect balance of citrus & delicious fig for savory or sweet
Traditional Classic 25 Star Balsamic Vinegar - classic flavor for mixing with any flavor oil for bread dipping
Walberry Balsamic Vinegar - beautiful combo of walnut and strawberry flavor, perfect for a spinach salad
Zesty Lemon Balsamic Vinegar - terrific over cold pasta salad or any sauced pasta, my favorite!

Our White Balsamics are gaining in popularity, crisp and beautiful on salads, fruits or meats!
White Coconut - all the taste of coconut with none of the texture!
White Caramelized Onion - savory, drizzle on a burger or a salad

White DIll Pickle - tart and surprisingly good

White Jalapeno Lime - use to rim margaritas or in a southwest salad dressing.

White Mandarin Orange - delicious over coleslaw
White Mango Habanero - sweet delicious heat, try on pork, salads, fish!
White Peach Balsamic Vinegar- try over sorbet or sherbet
White Pineapple Balsamic Vinegar - a perfect glaze for seafood, or a sweeter dressing for salads
White Raspberry - mix with strawberry preserves for a sweet & tangy dressing

New Fruit Infused Vinegars! Fruity and acidic, perfect for vinaigrette or marinades!
Berry Basil - raspberry & organic basil
Pepper Patch - hot fruity great in salsa or over greens
Walnut Champagne - crisp, dry & elegant
Italian White Wine Vinegar - delicious

We also have aged Sherry vinegar!

Savvy Bites is dedicated to bringing you the very best in gourmet cuisine products. Visit us today and find the latest in kitchen supplies, unique kitchens utensils, easy appetizers and ingredients to complement your cooking!
We also have adorable baby and wedding gift ideas!  We will happily gift wrap or gift bag your purchase free!