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We want to welcome Spring!   We've had requests to share ways to incorporate more springtime veggies into our mealtimes!  I would like to share some of my favorite recipes and hope you will send us your recipes that you use with our Savvy Bites Olive Oils and VINEGAR'S!  I prefer fresh or frozen and now so many vegetables come prewashed and bagged!  

Check out the quick & easy recipes below! 

My favorite salad dressing:
 1/4 cup myers Lemon Olive oil, 1 Tablespoon of whole grain mustard, i chopped shallot, the juice of one lemon, S & P. Also great on Veggies!

Slice ZUCCHINI squash thinly on a mandoline, saute in Rosemary Olive oil, add a shallot and several cloves of garlic, sauteing UNTIL soft and fragrant, add into the pan cooked LINGUINE or spaghetti, including some of the pasta water to make the sauce, can add a little butter and plenty of fresh ground black pepper!

Fresh Salsa to serve over fish, dice plum tomato, red pepper, red onion, jalapeno, fresh cilantro, mango, strawberries or peaches.  Addin

Fresh Spinach or Asparagus
A bag of spinach or fresh asparagus drizzled with a Tablespoon or so of Myers Lemon Olive Oil, a sprinkle of Himalayan salt, micro or saute for just a few minutes.  Serve, fresh & green!  Beautiful as a bed for salmon!

Green Beans
Fresh (frozen is even faster) drizzled with a T of Rosemary Olive Oil, micro or saute until tender crisp and just before serving stir in a tablespoon of our jarred or home made pesto!
Roasted Veggies
My fav is carrots, whole ones, halved or bagged baby ones, tossed with Blood Orange Olive Oil, oven roasted 45 minutes or so, until tender and sweet as candy! 

Broccoli or Cauliflower takes on a different taste when oven roasted with your favorite flavor of Olive Oil & tossed with pine nuts & the zest & juice of a lemon the last few minutes!

Fresh Brussel Spouts oven roast and the last few minutes toss with Fig Balsamic Vinegar for a terrific sweetness!

Butternut Squash, you can buy it already cubed, add a chopped onion, fresh or dried sage, drizzle with a T of Mushroom Sage Olive Oil and roast until tender & savory!

Rigatoni with Faux Italian Meatballs
Boil 12 oz pasta until al dente, reserve a  cup of the pasta cooking water.
Chop one each, red, orange, yellow pepper, onion and few cloves of garlic.
Saute in Italian Herb Olive oil until tender.
Hot or Sweet Italian sausage, squeeze out of casing into rustic meatballs into skillet with veggies and cook until done.
Add large can of diced Italian tomatoes and a pinch of red pepper flakes & simmer 10-15 minutes. 
If you prefer a Rosa Cream Sauce, just a few ounces of heavy cream at this point will give this dish a different twist!  
If your sauce needs more volume, adding some of the pasta water works really well for any kind of pasta dish or sauce!
Add pasta & serve with a drizzle of our Sun Dried Tomato Parmesan Olive Oil!

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